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Captain Hooks Diving & Fishing in The Florida Keys

Interested in Scuba, Snorkeling, Fishing, Bait & tackle, Scuba Certification, Gas, Ice, friendly faces and More?

Check Out Captain Hooks

Maybe you want a rental boat or need bait and tackle. We have it all right in the heart of the Florida Keys.

When you’re in Marathon you’ll be minutes from the largest coral reef in the U.S. And that makes us the perfect choice for diving, boating, fishing…not to mention anyone who loves the surf and sand.

A Deep Blue Dive Center
(800) 978-dive

If you’re looking to book a dive trip or purchase equipment at any price point, they can help you out.  This company is the most progressive dive center in our area offering training including their Dive in a day Scuba Experience. They also offer kids programs, Eco-Tours and many other interesting programs for tourists and locals alike.

Some can’t miss dive excursions include the following:

  • Adelaide Baker – Lying in only 25 feet of water, this is a good dive for beginner and intermediate divers.
  • Sombrero Reef – Coral canyons and archways abound this system. You’ll see a multitude of tropical fish along with Snapper, Grouper and Grunt. Possibilities also exist for Moray, Sea Turtles and Lobster. This large area is a very nice dive.
  • Coffins Patch – Most of these coral patches lie in 20 feet or less, making it a nice intermediate to advanced snorkel locale or beginners scuba spot. You will also find some very nice Brain Coral specimens with the possibility of huge resident Barracuda sightings.
  • The Thunderbolt – 188 foot ship which is the main destination of advanced Divers in our area. The Bolt sits perfectly upright in 100 feet of water and is the home of large Angelfish, Jacks, and occasional pelagics.
  • The Gulf – You can drop your anchor in many areas of the shallow Gulf waters as an ideal location for children and beginner level snorkelers. With careful searching you’ll discover shells, lobster, a variety of different species of fish and many other interesting finds!

Snorkeling with the kids


Self guided adventurers should take the children to the shallow gulf waters where they can explore sea life and shells in less than 6 feet for hours!

The variety of life that you’ll find on the Oceanside reefs will not be present but they’ll find more life and remnants than you may expect.  Shells, Lobster, and a variety of fish will keep them happy and provide great memories!

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